Why write a blog?

I am working on a commission that is making me stretch creatively and productively. I’ll use this blog to record the making of and lessons learned throughout the process and so G+T can follow the process as their art is being created. 

Also, I have been requested to provide a video presentation of me creating art to be used next year at an installation.  The photographs recording this process will be the basis of that presentation.

The commission.

I received the ultimate validation an artist can receive when G+T saw my work at a show and ask me to make art for them. They have been infinitely patient as I worked through the process of planning these pieces and the mind clearing I had to go through to have the confidence and wherewithal to do a piece of this size.

The project is to make three felted panels based on the Currents theme and colors. Each panel will ultimately be 24” x 36”.  The overall piece will be a triptych but each panel will stand on its own compositionally. Since the theme is water I asked G+T for their three favorite bodies of water. The winners are Formentera, Spain, St. Barths and Grace Bay.

While I was researching these places I really wanted to pack my bags and go to each for a little private research. My husband Patrick and I have done some sailing in the Caribbean and we have been to many islands but haven’t had the pleasure of visiting any of these.

Water is my favorite element. I enjoy most the vacations we spend around this slippery substance.  The Currents series is my response to me showing favoritism. I have worked mainly in felt for this series but I did branch out to do a Fluid Currents installation using felt, shibori techniques, and ice and indigo dyeing. That installation can be seen on this website.

The drawings are scaled to the final size and show major composition elements. 

The drawings are scaled to the final size and show major composition elements.